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They say that Zeus grew up and lived his adolescence on this island, but a lot of of us accept affiliated Naxos to the allegory of Ariadne.

East of Paros, Naxos, the better island of the Cyclades with its about annular appearance and a bank of 148 km.

Naxos with the mountains of Zas and Fanari, the accomplished of the Cyclades, and the abysmal changes in its landscapes, today welcomes us in the consistently accessible “Portara”. In its alcazar town, which is still inhabited, in Apeiranthos and in its endless villages, anniversary of which is altered from the other. Naxos with its affluent assembly and acclaimed bounded products.

6:20: Sunrise. It is alpha and Naxos wakes up and starts addition artistic and advantageous day. Naxos has been acclaimed back antique for its adorableness and abundance.

8:10: Herodotus had characterized Naxos as the richest island of the Cyclades and is absolutely still the a lot of abundant today. With its aberrant bounded articles and the advanced assortment of its landscape, Naxos occupies a appropriate position a allotment of the Cycladic islands. Internationally acclaimed cheeses, liqueurs, potatoes and the Naxos goat, all from the acreage of its own, but aswell from the easily of its people. Humans accomplished like bees.

9:20: Bees. (discussion with a bounded beekeeper about the activity of the bee and its addition to attributes and man). Naxos produces abundant acceptable quality, honey. At Naxos, there are about 90 baby producers bearing authentic honey.

10:30: The basic and the castle. The country and the alcazar of Naxos accept been inhabited anytime back antique until nowadays. The alcazar was congenital by Venetian Marco Sanudo in about 1210 on the charcoal of an age-old acropolis. Marcos Sanoudos, accepting captured 17 islands calm with his companions, was proclaimed battle and fabricated Naxos the basic of the Battle of the Archipelago. This is how the medieval aeon of the island started with its alcazar and barricade aerial over the accustomed acropolis aloft the harbor.

Walking today in these neighborhoods that were already beyond by dukes, French nobles, bounded islanders, Latino and Turkish conquerors, Portuguese, Spanish, Jews, and abhorrent pirates, we are apprehensive about the affluence of history, but aswell the abounding aisle of the humans actuality in this island. And now that the admirable sun seems to be crumbling away, the ablaze aurora sometimes erases the signs of history. At the southern end of the alcazar is aswell the bartering academy of the Jesuits, breadth N. Kazantzakis advised for a while.

A little added beneath is the Ursuline abbey and the old academy of women founded in 1672.

Education and ability assume to accept consistently been actual important elements in this island’s life. In Naxos, the abundant author I. Kabanellis was aswell born.

Crossing the arctic aboideau of the alcazar we now canyon beneath the Glezos belfry and branch appear the basic “Chora” and Bourgo as we get absent in a bewilderment of attenuated cobbled streets with angled passages

This walking looks like we arising from a adventure through time and afresh activate the avant-garde era and the present of the island.

11:20: In the grocery store. Back to accustomed activity and aswell in a grocery abundance that is a sightseeing for itself, but aswell allotment of the avant-garde history of the place. Mr. Antonis, 87 today, has lived in Naxos and his son continues to plan while his grandchildren are allowance in the business. Mr. Antonis has been alive in the grocery back 1945, a boutique that his ancestor had made. The a lot of ambitious articles are cheeses, Graviera, Naxos, the “Arseniko”, the island’s “kefalotyri”.

There is still a abundant appeal for bounded olive oil and olives, but aswell for thyme honey, all produced breed of Naxos. In winter, the boutique aswell serves as a coffee boutique for the association of Naxos. The acclaimed Graviera Naxos altogether accompanies wine or raki and is a meze that satisfies all tastes because it can be activate with added or beneath salt, obsolete, spicier or added neutral.

12:40 Apeiranthos or Aperathos is one of the a lot of admirable villages of Naxos, it is added like a allotment of Crete actuality in the Cyclades. The apple has a actual nice eastern acclimatization and looks like a ample balustrade with bare angle overlooking canicule and brilliant slopes. Attenuated streets, Venetian towers, admirable houses, admirable squares with acceptable café and beautiful, actual nice people. Actuality again, in Apiranthos a linguistic argot still survives, a accent that contains elements from age-old Greek, Byzantium, and Crete.

14:00 An railway in the air. Traveling for a while in aerial Naxos, we are abutting to the air train. Actuality with Michalis Pasoulas, a above emerald miner, we appointment this allotment of the island’s history, which now rustles in the sun, the air and the alkali and tells bashful belief from a accomplished celebrity age. Smyrda is activate beyond Europe at Naxos alone in such ample and acceptable superior deposits.

Smyrda is an acutely harder bedrock with which it was mainly fabricated of silversmiths and cutting auto and acclimated it as anti-slip actual for floors and roads. However, its backup by bogus corundum and antagonism from Turkey led to the abatement of the Naxian emery. Thus, the air alternation that was already acclimated to carriage the beam to the anchorage was replaced by trucks and assembly fell dramatically.

14:45 The plan in the mines. We go down now and access one of the mines still operating actuality in aerial Naxos. (conversation with the miners, two youngsters who accept the abundance from their grandfather.

The mines in the abundance breadth of Naxos are ancestors endemic and transferred from bearing to generation. The mines are created if a drop is empiric and activate its abstraction and advance to the autogenous of the mountain.

16:00 afternoon in Halki. We arch to the lowlands of the island and accurately to the breadth of Tragia that was already the affection of Naxos. Actuality is addition emblematic apple of the island, the admirable Halki abounding with neoclassical buildings. Walking up we ability the abbey of Virgin Mary of Protothron.

All the cultural elements of this island coexist in Chalki: Cycladic glamor, neoclassicism, Orthodox attitude and Venetian domination. From 1896 up to the present day, the acclaimed artefact of Naxos is produced here.

16:30 The acclaimed liqueur “Kitron Naxos”

Visit the family-run “Fragiadaki” distillery which was founded in 1896. The aggregation operates today from the fifth bearing of the ancestors and is a actual point of the island. This is breadth a artefact of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Kiron Naxos, is produced. Space is the aforementioned as the one in which the business started and continues to aftermath until today, a distiller has been operating continuously back 1896 until today. “Kitron Naxos” is a alcohol from the leaves of the citrus tree. By distillation, we get the capital oils. These capital oils are aswell perfumery and cosmetics fabricated by the plant.

16:50 Filoti. Filoti is the better apple in Naxos. It is congenital amphitheatrically at the foothills of Mount Zah, the abundance where, according to the legend, Zeus grew up. It is a ample and active apple with some 1800 citizenry with a advantageous abridgement and ability and one of the better festivals in the Aegean that can be apparent actuality every 15th August.

17:30 Afternoon in Naxos. As we abide our journey, we adore the landscapes and villages of Naxos. The admirable Shagri, chapels and abandoned windmills all bathed in the bright afternoon ablaze of the Cyclades. At the aforementioned time on the beaches of the island, humans adore the sea. Wind surfers accomplished and swimmers who artlessly adore the summer and the endless beaches of the island. Some of them, like Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, are absolutely abutting to the “chora”.

17:50 The dances and the songs of Naxos. Music-dance achievement on the bank of the country with songs and dances from Naxos from assorted ball clubs of the island, which mainly absorb students, adolescents and adolescent humans on the island. Attitude is preserved by the adolescent bearing who is appreciative of their island’s ability and enjoys the acceptable feasts. In Naxos, there is a advanced array of community and community that accord to every apple on the island. Abounding influences, abounding dances, songs, idols, and attitudes.

the time the sun sets. “Portara” is the website of Naxos. It is amid on an island accepted to the locals as “Palaces-Palatia” because there according to the allegory was the access to Ariadne’s palace. In fact, on the islet stands the axial aboideau and aggregate that remained of a temple of Apollo that began in 530 BC. but it was never completed. It joins the acreage on a aisle and at that time consistently gathers a army of humans because they apperceive that the acclaimed dusk photography with the accomplishments of the sea and this aboideau for boilerplate is the complete anamnesis of the island and the holidays there. Behind us and the acclaimed “Vrottas” with its arty beach.

20:30 Naxos at Night. And as the night progresses, we go with her. First of all, we yield a airing from the anchorage with a nice appearance of the boondocks and the castle. And afresh we airing forth with a agglomeration of humans forth the bank and airing through the attenuated streets of the boondocks to see already afresh how active and big this Cycladic island is. As the time passes we access at the aboveboard alleged “Protodikeio”.

Here Naxos shows a added avant-garde face with shops and confined that point to a added burghal environment. We are now abiding to the anchorage to abutting addition alarm circle. A 24-hour cruise to addition admirable country, this absurd country alleged Greece.

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